Cellular Signaling and Human Diseases
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I received my Ph.D from the Institute for Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich in Germany and completed postdoc from the same Institute. 


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Welcome to the Goyal Lab of Cell signaling

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The major focus of this lab is to understand the cell signaling pathways through which the different cell functions are regulated, and how these functions are perturbed under different disease conditions such as preeclampsia, atherosclerosis and tumor progression. Major research themes include GPCR signaling in the regulation of cytoskeleton dynamics, secretion of cytokines, cell migration and proliferation, cell cycle, and regulation of gene expression.
My lab has global collaborations and interactions around the world and has well-developed associations with a number of European and international research organizations that enhance our research activities.



Molecular mechanisms of cell signaling in health and diseases.

Cell signaling is a complex process of communication that is essential for basic cellular activities and coordinating cell functions in a tissue or an organ. A cell constantly comprehends the surrounding microenvironment, process the received signals and responds to them precisely. This is the basics of cell communication during development, tissue repair, defense against foreign invasion and crucial for normal tissue homeostasis. Glitches in cellular signals processing are the basis of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neuronal disorders, autoimmunity, and diabetes. A better understanding of molecular mechanism underlying cell signaling during physiological and pathophysiological processes could lead to developing novel therapeutic strategies.



  • To commence internationally competitive research into the fundamental molecular mechanisms of cell signaling in health and disease.
  • To develop an internationally recognized center of excellence in molecular and cellular biology that provides the intellectual and technical environment for the upcoming researcher and the ideal to attract the best scientists.
  • Provide first class training for undergraduate and graduate students, pre- and postdoctoral fellows to become the scientific leaders of the future.
  • To organize the regular workshops and training sessions for quality training of teachers and instructors from different colleges and universities of India.